PLAN4075. Transportation Planning

Partnered with the Pamlico Business Resource Center on behalf of the City of Washington, the class conducted the Downtown Washington Parking Study in Spring 2022. The study includes a stakeholder meeting, field observations, surveys with residents, merchants, visitors, and government officers, and case studies. A total of 16 recommendations were made for the city to implement.

>> Download the Downtown Parking Study, Washington, NC (33 MB)

 Sustainable Urbanism: Seoul, South Korea - Summer Study Abroad   

Realizing sustainable urbanism is the key to the future, tremendous global sustainability efforts have been implemented. With the scarce natural resources, limited land, and population concentrations, South Korea devotedly developed and implemented many projects to address the urbanization-related problems. The Seoul Summer Study Abroad program has five central themes: Modern architecture and urbanism, traditional architecture and culture, sustainable development with environmental innovations, cultural placemaking, and transportation innovations. Although the program is open to all ECU and non-ECU undergraduate and graduate students, it will be much more attractive to those in urban planning, geography, engineering, architectural/interior design, and international studies. The approaches that students will encounter are new to the United States, especially in eastern North Carolina. Students will meet each project's lead designer/planner to hear about their experiences directly. The hands-on involvement with touches on eastern Asian culture and history will be a lifetime experience for students in their professional careers.

>> For additional information about the study abroad program, visit https://ecu.maps.arcgis.com/apps/Cascade/index.html?appid=5754ff611eb1412699e3c297d352c750

PLAN4025. Housing and Neighborhood Planning

Problems and development of housing and community issues have been major concerns in planning, affecting all government decision-making levels. PLAN4025 provides students with an introductory survey of the concepts, problems, issues, and public policies related to housing and neighborhood planning. Current local, state and federal policies, housing trends in the United States are discussed. Students also review various community development techniques and case studies.
Partnered with the City of Greenville Neighborhood Advisory Board [NAB], students work with the NAB members throughout the semester and contribute to the city's neighborhood symposium with the project finals.

  • In SP2021, students developed podcasts from their research on six Housing Market Analyses in (mostly) eastern North Carolina. Check out the Housing Market Analyses website.

  • My students' documentary film production, "Get Involved! Preserve Your Neighborhood." Presented at the 2015 City of Greenville's Neighborhood Symposium (duration 38:48) --> Received the 2015 North Carolina Marvin Collins Planning Award in the Undergraduate Student Project category by the North Carolina Chapter of the American Planning Association (NC-APA).

PLAN3041. Computer Applications in Planning
Today, planning is much more visual and computer-aided. Computer-aided design skills are highly recommended for a planner to strengthen public participation in planning, to aid the public in understanding proposed plans, and help communicate with various stakeholders. This course is designed to introduce various computer applications from communication tools, online questionnaire applications, new cloud-based presentation applications, image manipulation software, and publishing software. I apply the Flipping Classroom technique in this class.